Art in the Village: Show Shots, Fall 2008

John Dibiase on Bobkin Lane

John DiBiase Booth on Bobkin Lane

Above, two customers check out the Fall ’08 Bobkin Lane display of photographer and long-time WSOAE exhibitor John DiBiase. Mr. DiBiase’s artwork features images of New York City, Italy and New England. He is one of the photographers returning for our 2009 Spring Show.

Along University Place

Along University Place

At left, there is a Fall ’08 view of the busy booths on University Place along the side of Washington Square Park and below a panorama of Bobkin Lane with Mr. DiBiase’s booth in the middle.

WSOAE webmaster Rebecca Pearson took these photos. Visible in the background are  the “knock-down” display systems favored by many of our artists.

Along Bobkin Lane

Along Bobkin Lane

Just a reminder:  The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit  Spring Show begins on Memorial Day Weekend, May 23, 24, 25, and continues on the following weekend, May 30 and 31. Exhibition hours are noon to six pm on all days.


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