What About That NYS Sales Tax Certificate of Authority?

There’s no getting around it. Every exhibitor in the WSOAE needs a NYS Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax, also known as NYS Form DTF-17. We are required by New York State to have a copy of your certificate on file.

You must file your application, online or paper, at least 20 days prior to the Show. Filing your application online is the fastest way to receive your certificate. There is no fee for obtaining the Sales Tax Certificate.

You can apply for your sales tax Certificate of Authority on New York State’s Online Permit Assistance and Licensing Web site at http://www.nys-permits.org [click on Online Applications, then Taxation and Finance, Department of, then Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax]

You can also fill out the form and print it at: http://www.tax.state.ny.us/pdf/2007/fillin/st/dtf17_407_fill_in.pdf, and mail it to NY State.

Instructions for NYS Form DTF-17 are at http://www.nystax.gov/pdf/2007/st/dtf17i_407.pdf
It is also possible to telephone 1-800-462-8100 and request form DTF-17, publication #750. (Outside of Canada and the US, the number to call is 518-485 -6800.)


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