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George Grosz Image on Postcards for 2010 Spring Show

March 14, 2010

Art © Estate of George Grosz/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

George Grosz, the famous German-American impressionist and caricaturist (1893-1956), created this stunning poster for WSOAE’s Fall 1934 show. Now, in 2010, the organizations 80th anniversary year, new promotional materials are being adapted from it. The image, as seen here, depicts an artist with beret carrying paintings.

The image appears on new “2010 Spring Show reminder” postcards that WSOAE is sending to its exhibitors for mailing to their clients. In addition, work is underway on using the image in double-sided streetlamp banners that we hope to have ready for display at the Fall 2010 show.

We scanned this image from a perfect copy of it loaned by Beverly Sacks of Beverly Sacks Fine Art, N.Y. WSOAE acknowledges her loan with great thanks.


WSOAE $1000 Best of Show Prize

March 14, 2010

In support of its 80th anniversary year, 2010, the  WSOAE’s Board of Directors has increased the “Best of Show Prize” to $1000 for both its Spring and Fall 2010 shows. Funds for these two prizes will come from the show’s Memorial Fund, and the prizes, themselves, will be designated as “The Best of Show Prize, the WSOAE Memorial Fund.”  Efforts are being made to augment other show prizes, with the total for all prizes for each show approximating $5,000.