Prizewinners at Spring 2010 Show


Sonia Grineva, Winner of Spring Best of Show Prize


On the first weekend of its Spring 2010 show,  The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit honored 29 artists with awards in the categories of fine arts and fine crafts. The awards, including a $1,000 Best of Show award, totaled more than $6,000.

For fine arts and photography, the judges included non-exhibiting artists Bernice Sokol Kramer, William Behnken and Charles Yoder. Sculpture and fine crafts were dealt with by our veteran judge, Monona Rossol.

Artists and crafts people brought their submissions for prize jurying to the famed Salmagundi Club at 47 Fifth Avenue on Saturday morning May 29th. They returned on the next day, Sunday, May 30th, to pick up their work and learn if they had won an award.

You can see pictures of the prizewinners and their artwork here.

The roster of prizewinners for the Spring Show follows:

Best of Show: Jury Prize

$1,000 – Sonia Grineva, New York City – “Washington Square Park” Oil,  The Alfred W. Charles Memorial Award given by Mrs. Judith K. Charles


First Prize, $350 –David Patterson, West Orange, N.J. – “Patterson, N.Y.” Oil,  The Forbes Magazine Award given by Mr. Christopher Forbes

Second Prize, $250 – Susan Grisell, Gaylordsville, Ct. – “Parisian Café” Oil,  The Ulric Bell Memorial Award given by Mrs. Vivian Bell

Third Prize,  $150 – William Seccombe, Metuchen, N.J. – “Gypsy” Oil,  The Mildred Willcuts Memorial Award given by Ms. Katherine Chase

Honorable Mention, $100 – Robert G. Carter, Dix Hills, N.Y. – “Is That All There Is? Peggy Lee Tribute” acrylic, prize given by New York Central Art Supplies, Mr. Steven Steinberg


First Prize, $300 – Phyllis Rutigliano, Englewood, N.J. – “City Life”,  The Seymour Radow Memorial Award given by Mrs. Doris P. Radow

Second Prize, $200 – Linda Cromer, New York City – “Cosmos”, The Stockschlaeder & Radliff Memorial Award given by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stockschlaeder

Third Prize, $100 – Naima Rauam, New York City – “View from Nassau Street”, The Albert Schiller Memorial Award given by Marlene Schiller

Mixed Media

First Prize, $250 – John Cheng, Coram, N.Y. – “To Purify”,  The Troy M. Murgotroy Memorial Award given by Mr. Thomas Picard

Second Prize, $150 – Blair Barbour, Morrisville, Pa. – “Blackbird”,  prize given by the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce


First Prize, $300 – Steven Walker, Long Island City, N.Y. – “El Over Davis  Street”, The Samuel & Laurence Ballin Award given by Mrs. Natalie M. Ballin

Second Prize, $250 – Linda Adato, New Rochelle, N.Y. – “Around the Empire”, The Salmagundi Club Prize

Third Prize, $150 – Emily Trueblood, New York City – “Icy Night #1”, Joseph Sagasta Memorial Award given by Ms. Leonia L. Sagasta

Honorable Mention, $100 – David Itchkawich, Portland, Me. – “Maine Neighbor’s Yard”, award given by WSOAE members


First Prize, $300 – Michael Leu, Forest Hills, N.Y. – “Snake River”,  award given by Elizabeth Forrest

Second Prize, $250 – Mary Campagna, Stroudsburg, Pa. – “Country Window”,  award given by John & Eloise Morehouse

Third Prize, $150 – Daniel Jones, Southold, N.Y. – “Fogged In”,  The Rose Parsons Memorial Award given by Mrs. Doris P. Radow

The Landscape Prize

$150 – Henry Buerckholtz, New York City – “Montauk Winter”, award given by The WSOAE Memorial Prize Fund & Ms. Thelma Gates in memory of Sam Gates

Abstract Art Prize

$150 – Atsuko Okamoto, Jersey City, N.J. – Untitled,  award given by Dr. Marcella Frank

Contemporary Art Prize

$150 – Olga B. Bacskay, Forest Hills, N.Y. – “Forest Light”, award given by Mrs. Natalie M. Ballin in memory of Philip Eisenberg


First Prize, $250 – Anthony Santella, Teaneck, N.J. – “My Need, My Burden,”  The WSOAE Memorial Prize Fund

Second Prize, $150 – Michael Patterson, Roxbury, Ct. – “Small Windows”,  Award Donor: Friends of WSOAE


Best of Show--Crafts: Dragon by C. Chuang/E.P. Tsai


Best of Show in Crafts
$300 Cynthia Chuang & Erh Ping Tsai, Locust Valley, N.Y.—jewelry;  The Mollie Lebowitz Memorial Award given by Dr. & Mrs. Carl F. Lebowitz

First Prize Jewelry
$150 – Alicia O’Connell, Blue Point, N.Y.  The Margaret Moulton Memorial Award given by Mrs. Natalie M. Ballin

Second Prize Jewelry
$100 – Salvatore Sturiale, Queens Village, N.Y.  Award given by WSOAE Members

First Prize Glass/Ceramics
$150 – George Norboe, Stafford, Ct. – Dichroic Bowl;  The Roslyn Gable Luftig Award given by her Great Grandchildren Ella, Lily, Sam & Rebecca

First Prize Wood
$150 – Michael Manus, Lynbrook, N.Y.  Award Donor: anonymous

First Prize Fiber
$150 – Valeria Merrell, Williamsport, Pa. – Hand Knit;  award given by On The Avenue Marketing

First Prize Mixed Media
$150 – Paul Musaracchia, Brooklyn, N.Y. – “Going to the Show’,  award given by David Lerner Associates

Photos of the prizewinners and their art can be viewed here.


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