Coney Island & WSOAE

Paul Musaracchia with Elements of "Coney Island"

We visited the Brooklyn studio of sculptor Paul Musaracchia last week, and had a chance to view his masterwork “Coney Island” – an assemblage consisting of more than a dozen pieces depicting such famous attractions as The Cyclone, Wonderwheel, Parachute Drop and carousels. All of these pieces are one-of-a-kind creations made from scrap metal and all have movable parts—the larger ones move from 12 volt electricity and the smaller ones manually. The Coney Island assemblage sits on a small covered pool table.

Depending on weather, Paul hopes to have at least some of “Coney Island” on display during the second weekend (September 11th and 12th) of our upcoming Fall Show and to follow up with a larger presentation at our Spring 2011 show. Some pieces are still in progress.

Paul first participated in the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit in 1969. His “Spirit of  ‘76” won the blue ribbon in “Sculpture, Metal” at the WSOAE Bicentennial Show in 1976. He has won numerous prizes for shows around the country and in 2009 won a blue ribbon from WSOAE for his creation, “Mary Poppins.”

Views of Paul Musaracchia's "Coney Island"


2 Responses to “Coney Island & WSOAE”

  1. Claire Says:

    What a wonderful artist with such SPECTACULAR works of art…
    BROOKLYN’S Best Artist all the way!!!!!

  2. wsoae Says:

    If the weather is good, Paul will have “Coney Island” on display on Saturday, Sept 11th at the WSOAE show. Come and check it out!

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