Section Changes for WSOAE Fall Show

Because of the on-going reconstruction of the eastern half of Washington Square Park and because of the scaffolding on several adjacent NYU buildings, WSOAE has suspended its use of several southern sections of its venue for the Fall Show. The sections affected include NYU’s Schwartz Plaza (Bobkin Lane) and sections ME, MS and LN, sections located along Washington Place and Washington Square East from Washington Place to West 4th Street.

In the past, sections ME, MS and LN have included the bulk of our craft exhibitors.  Virtually all craft exhibitors are now located between East 10th and East 11th Streets on either side of University Place (sections DW and GE). Fine arts exhibitors, who have customarily been in Schwartz Plaza, are located throughout the show and may be found by referencing the program guide available at the show itself. The program guide for Fall 2010 is posted on our website.

The  WSOAE Fall show runs through Labor Day Weekend, Sept 4, 5, 6, and the following weekend, Sept 11 and 12. Viewing and selling hours are 12 noon to 6 pm each day.


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