Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit, 2nd Weekend, June 4 and 5

WSOAE Street Banner (image by George Grosz for the 1934 poster)

 The Spring Show of  The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit continues this weekend on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5—viewing and selling hours noon to 6pm each day. The venue remains largely the same: University Place from East 11th Street south to Waverly Place.

Among the prizewinners who will be present this coming weekend are: 

Linda Cromer, 1st Prize Watercolors, “Pussywillows”

Susan Grisell, 2d Prize Oils, “Flower Seller”

Daniel Jones, 3d Prize Photography, “Interior with Doll”

Annie Patt, Landscape Prize, “Astoria Blvd”

Dudley Vaccianna, Painted Glass Prize,  Untitled

 You can find these artists along University Place in the various sections of the show. Stop by the Information Table at University Place and East 8th St. for the Exibitor Guide and map.

Linda Cromer's "Pussywillows"

Susan Grisell's "Flower Seller"

Daniel Jones' “Interior with Doll”

Annie Patt's “Astoria Blvd”

Dudley Vaccianna's Painted Glass


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