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Fall 2011 Prizewinners

September 18, 2011

Best of Show/Jury Prize: Henry Buerckholtz's oil painting, "Enchanted April"

On the first weekend of its Fall 2011 show, The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit honored 24 artists with awards in the categories of fine arts and fine crafts. The awards totaled more than $4,000.

For fine arts and photography, the judges included non-exhibiting artists Charles Yoder and Carol Teller, and Jonathon Harding, long-time Curator of  The Century Association. Sculpture and fine crafts were juried by our veteran judge, Monona Rossol, principal of ACTSNY (Arts, Crafts and Theater Safety, NY).

Artists and crafts people brought their submissions for prize jurying to the famed Salmagundi Club at 47 Fifth Avenue on Saturday morning,  September 3d. They returned on the next day, Sunday, September 4th, to pick up their work and learn if they had won an award.

Click here to view images of the prizewinning  art work.

The roster of the prizewinners for the Fall Show follows:

Best of Show/Jury Prize

Henry Buerckholtz, New York City – “Enchanted April,” oil – Prize given by Mrs. Vivian H. Bell as The Ulric Bell Memorial Award with additional support from the WSOAE Memorial Fund


First Prize — Susan Grisell, Gaylordsville, Ct. – “Grand Central”  –  Prize given by Mrs. Doris P. Radow as the Seymour Radow Memorial Award

Second Prize — Annie Patt, New York City – “Pulaski Bridge” – Prize given by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stockschlaeder as The Stockschlaeder and Radliff Memorial Award

Third Prize — Kevin McEvoy, Islip, N. Y – “The Inmates” – Prize given by New York Central Art Supply


First Prize – Linda B. Cromer, New York City—“Peonys” – Prize given by Ms. Elizabeth Forrest

Second Prize — John Parnell, Brooklyn, N. Y. – “Pink Umbrella” –  Prize awarded from the WSOAE Memorial Fund

Mixed Media

First Prize – Giovanni Scalisi, Ridgewood, N. Y. – “Terrace on the Park” –Prize given by Mrs. Natalie M. Ballin as The Samuel & Laurence Ballin Award

Second Prize – Edwardo Lopez-Rotella, Jackson Hts, N. Y. – “Mysterious Chair” – Prize given by Catherine & Douglas


First Prize – Linda Adato, Brooklyn, N. Y. – “Blue Bridge Across the Gowanus” – Prize given by The Salmagundi Club, Claudia Seymour, President

Second Prize – Steve Walker, Astoria, N. Y. – “Alice” – Prize given by Mrs. Natalie M. Ballin as The Philip Eisenberg Memorial Award


First Prize – Michael J. Leu, Forest Hills, N. Y. – Grand Central Terminal – Prize awarded from the WSOAE Memorial Fund

Second Prize — Liu Lei, Forest Hills, N. Y. – “Roots” –Prize given by Ms. Leonia L. Sagasta as The Joseph Sagasta Memorial Award

The Landscape Prize

Jessica Dalrymple, New York City – “Three Trees in Fog” – Prize given by Ms. Thelma Gates as The Sam Gates Memorial Award with additional support from The WSOAE Memorial Fund

The Abstract Art Prize

Diana Robinson, New York City – “Diagonal” – Prize given by Dr. Marcella Frank

The Contemporary Art Prize

Kristiana Parn, Brooklyn, N. Y. – “Utterly Dreamed” – The Forbes Magazine Award given by Mr. Christopher Forbes


First Prize – Ed Martin, Saugerties, N. Y. – Prize given by John & Eloise Morehouse

Second Prize – Anthony Santella, Teaneck, N. J. – Prize given by Mrs. Doris P. Radow as The Rose Parsons Memorial Award


Best of Show in Crafts: Michelle DaRin's Untitled cabinet of curiosities, fashioned of caste silver, bronze, wood, wool; etched and electroformed brass & copper

Best in Crafts

Michelle DaRin, Jamesville, N. Y. – Prize given by Dr. & Mrs. Carl F. Lebowitz as The Mollie Lebowitz Memorial Award


First Prize –Salvatore Sturiale, Hollis Hills, N. Y. – Prize given by Ms. Marlene Schiller as The Albert Schiller Memorial Award

Second Prize – Lisa Davin, Hollywood, Fl. – Prize given by Mrs. Natalie M. Ballin as the Margaret Moulton Memorial Award


Dudley Vaccianna, Brooklyn, N. Y. – Prize given by the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, Tom Gray, Executive Director


Jensen Jacobs, New York City – Prize given by Graphic Display Systems, Lebanon, Pa., Robert Tobias, President


Yukiko Sato, Brooklyn, N. Y. – The Roslyn Gable Luftig given by her great grandchildren: Ella, Lily, Sam and Rebecca

Crafts/Mixed Media

Richard Birkett, Otego, N. Y. –  Prize given by The WSOAE Memorial Fund