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Fall 2016 Winners’ Circle Photos Now on the WSOAE Website

October 10, 2016

It’s taken a while and my apologies for the delay but we now have all the winners along with their photos up on our Winners’ Circle Web Page.

Bonnie Shanas who won first place for sculpture is the second recipient of the Paul Musaracchia Memorial Endowment Award for WSOAE winning sculptors. Bonnie is a figurative artist who uses wire mesh screens to create intricate three-dimensional images by freehand (no molds) that express the human form’s emotions and relationships.


One interesting to note that last spring’s Best of Show winning artist, Henry Buerckholtz, also took home first place in the category of Oil/Acrylic/Pastel painting this fall 2016. However, we were unable to feature his winning art because he sold it before we had a chance to photograph him with it. So congratulations to Henry on winning and selling the piece the same day.


Henry is pictured here with his prize ribbon sans the artwork, Broadway Melody. But you can view it on his website by clicking here.

Once again, congratulations to all winning artists. See you next year.